LEVER is for lineage editing and validation. LEVER segments, tracks and lineages time lapse microscopy image sequences of live stem cells. LEVER works in 2-D and 3-D and with phase and fluorescence images. LEVER is being used with adult and embryonic mouse neural stem cells, hematopoietic stem cells and also with human lung cancer and neuroblastoma cells. LEVER is available free and open source under the GPL v3 license .

We are eager to support your adoption of LEVER – if you have image data that you think might benefit from these tools we will be delighted to work with you in adopting the software – please contact acohen ‘at’ coe.drexel.edu.

LEVER version 7 is released September 3, 2015! If you have a MATLAB license (requires image processing tookit) here is a link to the repository:


We also provide an executable (requires Windows x64 version 7 or later) version 7.13.2: LEVER Installer v7.13.2.exe

NEW Version 7.14 executables are available here: LEVER Installer v7.14.exe

Key changes include segmentation previewer and MATLAB 2015 run time for Windows 10 support. Other nifty features are in place and coming soon…more detail to follow in a software paper currently in preparation…stay tuned…

NOTE 1: LEVER requires a segmentation step that is fairly specific to the appearance of the cells being analyzed. If your cells do not look like phase contrast images of mouse adult or embryonic neural stem cells then you will need a custom segmentation. We also have segmentation algorithms for mixed phase & fluorescence T-cells, human neuroblastoma and lung cancer, but these have not been broadly released yet. If you do not have MATLAB (and the ability to customize a segmentation function) then your best bet is to get in touch for help (contact info above).
NOTE 2: the current version of the executable prints an uninformative error message if the initial segmentation fails. A more informative message, and a program to help evaluate your images with our segmentations is coming soon…

Reference: M. Winter, M. Liu, D. Monteleone, J. Melunis, U. Hershberg, S. K. Goderie, S. Temple*, and A. R. Cohen, Computational Image Analysis Reveals Intrinsic Multigenerational Differences Between Anterior and Posterior Cerebral Cortex Neural Progenitor Cells, Stem Cell Reports. 2015. In Press, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.stemcr.2015.08.002

Also – check out CloneView! CloneView is an HTML5 viewer for the image data together with the LEVER analysis results. http://bioimage.coe.drexel.edu/CloneView

The LEVER program was originally released with this paper:

Winter, M., E. Wait, B. Roysam, S. Goderie, E. Kokovay, S. Temple, and A.R. Cohen, Vertebrate Neural Stem Cell Segmentation, Tracking and Lineaging with Validation and Editing. Nature Protocols, 2011. 6(12): p. 1942-52. (PMC)