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CloneView is a web visualization tool for exploring biological microscopy image sequence data and analysis results. CloneView is unique in enabling the image data to be explored together with the analysis results in an interactive web-based application. CloneView is built on the new HTML5 web standard. CloneView makes the high-quality segmentation, tracking and lineaging analysis results obtained from the LEVER program available for interactive exploration.


Repository for adult NSC processes

Repository for embryonic NSC processes

Anterior/Posterior NSC repository

See the manuscripts page for more detail and references.

Open Data

CloneView is intended as a tool for “open data”. The idea is that every image and all of the analysis results can be published together with the manuscript. CloneView makes the images and analysis results available in an interactive tool, suitable for exploring at multiple levels of resolution. The software tools that analyzed the images and generated the results are also published open source as a part of a true “open source, open data” approach.

CloneView has been used primarily to date to visualize the images and analysis results from the LEVER program, applied to 2-D and 3-D timelapse and multi-channel (5-D) images. Please see the readme file for LEVER for more details:

The best reference for CloneView can be found here:

M. Winter, M. Liu, D. Monteleone, J. Melunis, U. Hershberg, S. K. Goderie, S. Temple and A. R. Cohen, Computational Image Analysis Reveals Intrinsic Multigenerational Differences Between Anterior and Posterior Cerebral Cortex Neural Progenitor Cells, Stem Cell Reports, 2015,