Congrats Mark!

on the new paper: M. R. Winter, M. Morgulis, T. Gildor, Andrew R. Cohen, S. Ben-Tabou de-Leon, Calcium-vesicles perform active diffusion in the sea urchin embryo during larval biomineralization, PLOS Computational Biology, to appear (2021). Also, bioarxiv::

ERK paper posted to biorxiv

“Spatio-temporal Control of ERK Pulse Frequency Coordinates Fate Decisions during Mammary Acinar Morphogenesis”

very cool work. great job by Pascal Ender, Olivier Pertz and co. Beautiful 3-D movies showing ERK signaling activity in live synthetic breast organoids can be seen here: source code at

Human Frontiers Science program grant awarded!

“A spatiotemporal map of signalling processes controlling human stem cell renewal and differentiation”


Institute of Cell Biology – University of Bern – Bern – SWITZERLAND

CARAZO SALAS Rafael Edgardo (UK)

School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine – University of Bristol – Bristol – UK

COHEN Andrew (USA)

Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering – Drexel University – Philadelphia – USA

Congratulations to Rohini, Walt and Mark!

Accepted for publication –

R. Joshi, W. Mankowski, M. Winter, J. S. Saini, T. A. Blenkinsop, J. H. Stern, S. Temple* and A. R. Cohen*, Automated measurement of cobblestone morphology for characterizing stem cell-derived retinal pigment epithelial cell cultures, Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Special Issue: Cell-based Therapies for Eye Disease. 2016 – In Press.