identify tree mitoses

‘Identify Tree Mitoses’ provides a fast way to generate a lineage tree from your image data. It does not automatically fix up the segmentation results – for that you need to use ‘resegment from tree’. It can be nice to draw the lineage tree first with identify tree mitoses, then ‘Lock the tree’ and finally run ‘resegment from tree’.

Launching this method is similar to resegment from tree.

Launch LEVER, and either (1) segment and track your dataset or (2) open an already segmented and tracked dataset.

LEVER will open the image window and the lineage window. Arrange the windows on your desktop so you can see them both (hint – windows key+left arrow and windows key+right arrow).

Navigate to the edit tab, and then click ‘Identify tree mitoses’ 

Scrolling and page up/down will increment the movie – It will not autoplay like reseg mode.

When you see a mitosis, click on one of the cells and drag your cursor over to the sibling cell. LEVER will draw hulls around the two cells.

Continue through the movie, while recording each mitosis. You can switch where on the tree the next mitosis goes by ctrl+clicking on your desired parent.

Note that error rates are estimated based on the total number of cells and segmentations on the tree. As you edit the tree this may result in error rates >> 100%…do not worry about this. As you resegment from tree, the error rate will decrease dramatically with every frame resegmented.

When you’re done, lock the lineage tree so that LEVER knows not to mess with the structure.