general usage & validation

Validation is the part where you look at the results and fix any errors. We have lots of tools to help with fixing errors (e.g. Identify Tree Mitoses, Resegment from Tree, etc.) but when you just need to make a manual correction to the automated analysis results, LEVER lets you do that too.

Examples of manual corrections include splitting segmentations, adding missed segmentations, changing track IDs, and adding mitoses. The specific editing interfaces are listed in the tables below:

Mouse Controls

Control Description
Scroll wheel Scrolls through the movie
Middle click Splits a selected cell into two components or searches for a new detection if no cell selected
Click a cell Select the cell and update the tree window with the selected cell lineage
Ctrl + click Select multiple cells for merge or deletion
Click and drag
onto another cell
Swaps the label of two cells to fix a tracking error

Right Click Menu Controls – Cells Window

Control Description
Add Mitosis Create a new mitotic event with the selected cell as one of the daughters
Change Label Change the label of the selected cell beginning at the current time
Change number of Cells Splits the selected cell detection into the specified number of regions
Remove Cell (This Frame) Delete a single erroneous cell detection
Properties Display properties about the selected cell
Phenotype Allows the user to assign a “Phenotype” to the Hull

Right Click Menu Controls – Lineage Window

Control Description
Remove Mitosis Remove the selected (erroneously identified) mitotic event
Add Mitosis Create a new mitotic event with the selected cell as the parent
Properties Display properties about the selected cell

Keyboard Commands

Control Description
Ctrl + O Open a new LEVER data file
Ctrl + W Close LEVER
Ctrl + S Saves changes LEVER data file
Ctrl + Z Undo the last edit
Ctrl + Y Redo a previously undone edit
Ctrl + U Lock tree: Prevent automated processing from changing tree structure
Ctrl + R Freeze tree: Preventing any automated changes to any cell on the tree
Ctrl + L Show labels: Toggle the display of cell labels
Ctrl + P Play the movie
Ctrl + T Go to frame
Ctrl + F Find cell by label
Space Play the movie
Delete Remove the selected cells
Enter Merges all selected cells into a single component